Art, Peace, and Transcendence

Winner of the 2016 New Mexico - Arizona Book Award in Philosophy

Finalist in Arts, Science, and Large Format Cover Design

Distinguished Favorite in Fine Arts from the 2019 Independent Press Awards



UNM Press has published Paul Rés new book Art, Peace, and Transcendence: Réograms That Elevate and Unite. To view the descriptive PDF flier for this book, please click here Art, Peace, and Transcendence flier. An opened version of the flier is displayed below.




Art, Peace, and Transcendence may be obtained from UNM Press (800-249-7747 phone;;; from Amazon or Wal-Mart; and from brick and mortar bookstores. Please ask a bookstore or library near you about it. We thank all of you for your diverse contributions to this volume which is the culmination of many decades of work. The Foreword is by Fredrick H. Shair. A preview of some of the artworks included may be seen at Below please find excerpts from reviews of the book:


The images [in Art, Peace, and Transcendence] delight. They swoop and spin, slink and sway, as if they were shifting on the page in the very moment of viewing.
— David Steinberg
Albuquerque Journal  
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Readers will delight in these images, and the intellectual journey that moves through his abstract works, which call to mind what is essential, elemental, serene, and spiritual about life in an era so often marked by profound discovery and constant change.
—Jason Ronstadt
Journal of the Print World
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Art, Peace, and Transcendence: Reograms That Elevate and Unite showcases a unique artistic vision and talent with twenty-seven duo tone and thirty-one full color illustrations. With its informed and informative commentary, Art, Peace, and Transcendence is an impressive study from beginning to end, and very highly recommended for personal, community, and academic library American Art History reference collections in general, and Paul Ré supplemental studies reading lists in particular.
— Jack Mason
The Midwest Book Review


This book is delightful, inspiring and I believe unique. . . . Art, Peace and Transcendence is beautifully produced with a satin finish paper that really enhances the delicate, and in some pieces, intricate line work of the images. . . . the book and its presentation of the vision and work of Ré are truly inspiring. If we all embraced Ré's enthusiasm for promoting peace, equality, sustainability, and transcending base materialism, 'perhaps' this world would be a better place for all.
— Rob Harle
Leonardo Reviews


What an amazing and fascinating work!  It’s not an art book in the sense that you just contemplate the images for their power and beauty and implications.  Rather, it’s a kind of instructional manual in which the author guides you along many paths – scientific theory, physics, complex and stunning images, autobiography, eastern and western thought, art history, the spiritual – and remarkably manages to pull them all together. . . . [This is] something to which I know I shall return again and again.  It’s a wonderful gift [he has] given the world, or at least that part of humanity which is willing to slow down and look, listen, think, and contemplate the nature of this world into which we have been thrown. 
— Robert Rosenstone
Caltech Emeritus Professor of History
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Ré comes across in these pages as an intelligent, warm, humanly concerned, even inspired person who has done us all the great service of sharing his concerns via art offered in a spirit of genuine hope. . . . Paul Ré's impressive self-analytical and philosophically rigorous examination of the origins of his art work and its development over the course of his long career is a stimulating read. Scientists, artists, art lovers and all readers interested in the future of humanity will treasure this most enlightening and valuable volume of candid, insightful words and stunningly beautiful illustrations. 
— Bill Nevins
author and peace worker


When I looked at Paul Rés first image of his fifty eight, Prayer for Peace, I knew I had found a universal form of spirituality which I would use all of my life. . . . Through art, poetry, science, and philosophy, this book brings together the latest evidence for our tumultuous times of a positive, loving, peaceful, and divine view of our universe.
Sandra Wasko-Flood
artist and educator


Im writing to let you know how much I appreciate and admire your many years of service to art for peace through both your personal, exquisite art and through your biennial Paul Bartlett Ré Peace Prize . . . Im grateful that through your efforts so many people have been inspired to create a more loving and peaceful world.

Katherine Josten

Founder/Director of the Global Art Project for Peace 




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