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Paul Ré is also well known for his wit in puns and thoughtful sayings. Indeed, in the past three decades he has written over 50,000 of his original definitions, aphorisms and micro-essays. He is now editing these 48 books into a volume entitled, The Récycled Dictionary, excerpts from which follow:

alphabet cereal Is this made from spelt flour? (Spelt is an ancient form of wheat.)
brain teasers Gordian naughties
cheerfulness This goes the second smile.
Daylight Savings Time a clockxymoron
distill lives Yes, my artworks are distill lives, because they distill out the essence of life.
diplomatic courtesy a pre-emptive tact
dog in blanket a covered waggin’
dried spaghetti Is this pasta tense?
elegant simplicity the humble guise of integrated complexity
eternity It’s a heck of a place to lose your now!
grizzly bear This separates the men from the boys-in-berries!
human understanding going from hear to their...
ignorance This won’t take know for an answer.
jet lag therapy pour catchup on thyme
marmalade motto A rind is a terrible thing to waste!
monster zuccini Is this cucumbersome?
persevering resilience This is tougher than ails!
preparation The Grand Pre
procrastination the art of allowing death to grant a reprieve
putting the cart before the horse a precaution against equine flatulence
quill pen This is down write natural! It’s also litter eyrie.
rococo chocolate covered caviar, from roe cocoa
Royal Canine Finishing School At Commencement Exercise they play Romp and Sick’em Stance.
solitude soul étude
Symmetryville the Land of Ilk and Punny
thyme Is this mint to bee?
Whose Whoo... a field guide to owls
woodpecker poesy This is written in I-am-beak pentameter!
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